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Roughly 15% of repondents do not currently have an emergency preparedness plan that at least meets the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association; of those, 40% are near completion of one. Survey looks at many factors including use of security cameras and other technologies, emergency communication plans and business continuity.

Social Networking

Outbound Email and Data Loss Prevention in Today's Enterprise, 2010

Conducted by: Osterman

Sponsored by: Proofpoint

Number of respondents: 261 responses from companies with 1,000 or more employees.

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Managing the risks of outbound e-mail, blog postings, social media, mobile devices, etc. is the focus of this survey. One quarter of U.S. companies investigated the leakage of confidential, sensitive or private information via a blog or message board posting; 24% disciplined an employee for such a breach in the last year. One fifth investigated a similar breach involving a social networking site.

Social Insecurity: What Millions of Online Users Don't Know Can Hurt Them

Conducted by: Consumer Reports National Research Center

Sponsored by: Unsponsored

Number of respondents: 2,000 online U.S. households.

Twice as many U.S. households now use social networks than did last year, and, in many cases, are exposing themselves to new risks. A 2010 study found 40% posted their full birth date, exposing themselves to identity theft, while 26% posted their children's photos and names, potentially exposing them to predators. Also, one quarter didn't use Facebook's privacy controls at a time when 9% of social network users experienced malware infections, scams, identity theft or harassment.

Social Networking or Reputational Risk: 2009 Ethics & Workplace Survey

Conducted by: Opinion Research

Sponsored by: Deloitte LLP

Number of respondents: 2,008 employed adults and 500 business executives.

Many companies are using social networking to build their businesses, however, it can also hurt companies. A survey finds 58% of executives believe the reputational risk of social networking makes it a boardroom issue but only 15% are taking it to that level.

60 Percent of Facebook Users Consider Quitting over Privacy

Conducted by: Sophos

Sponsored by: Unsponsored

Number of respondents: 1,588 Facebook users.

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