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2010 TMT Global Security Study

Conducted by: Deloitte's Information & Technology Risk Services practice

Sponsored by: Unsponsored

Number of respondents: Nearly 150 TMT organizations around the world.

This fourth edition of Deloitte's Technology, Media & Telecommunications Global Security Study examines key areas of security and privacy and finds that information security spending is modestly bouncing back after a decline in 2009.

Deloitte 2010 Global Security Survey: The Faceless Threat

Conducted by: Deloitte's Global Financial Services

Sponsored by: Unsponsored

Number of respondents: 350 major financial institutions.

Of 19 options, nearly half of respondents chose identity and access management as their top security initiative for 2010. The survey also examines data loss and regulatory compliance priorities.

2010 Update: What Organizations Are Spending on IT Security

Conducted by: Gartner

Sponsored by: Unsponsored

Origin of data: Information taken from a number of Gartner reports.

Efficient security will allow IT to safely cut security budgets by 3% to 6% through 2011, according to a Gartner study. Researchers say those with either very mature or recently updated security programs will save even more. Study also looks at security spending and "platforms" versus "best of breed" options.

Insights from Deloitte's 2009 Global Shared Services Survey

Conducted by: Deloitte

Sponsored by: Unsponsored

Number of respondents: 265 shared services leaders representing 702 individual shared services centers with a median annual revenue of $10.5 billion.

Cost reduction was highlighted in this survey: 72% of respondents said it was one of their top three priorities over the next 2 years. Also, 57% plan to increase the number of advisory processes in shared services in the same period.

Information Security Spending Survey: 2009 Results (Impact of the Recession)

Conducted by: Joint effort between MetroSITE Group and Pacific Crest Securities.

Sponsored by: Unsponsored

Number of respondents: 53 top security professionals worldwide.

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