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Governance, compliance, mobility and identity and access management will continue to receive funding, according to a 2009 survey. IT security spending is primarily being driven by compliance, followed by threat reduction and brand protection.

2010 Top Five Total Rewards Priorities Survey

Conducted by: Deloitte Human Capital

Sponsored by: Deloitte and the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists

Number of respondents: 292 diverse employers.

A look at job security and other employee/employer priorities during the 2010 financial crisis.

Physical Security, Fraud and Loss Prevention

Report to the Nation

Conducted by: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Sponsored by: Unsponsored

Origin of data: Based on 959 cases of occupational fraud reported by the CFEs who investigated and resolved them.

2008 study examines occupational and other fraud incidents--it finds the typical occupational scheme lasts 2 years and results in a median loss of $175,000.

More on retail security and loss prevention

* Retail security: Critical issues

* Oranized crime and retail theft: Facts and myths

* Mall rats: Shoplifting and ORT

National Retail Federation research

The NRF conducts periodic surveys on Organized Retail Crime, return fraud, and more. See the linked page for connections to their latest research.

Report: Global Theft Decreases in 2010

Conducted by: Centre for Retail Research

Sponsored by: Checkpoint Systems

Number of respondents: 1,103 large retailers in 42 countries.

2010 survey looks at physical loss of retail merchandise to crime and waste, and studies its impact on retailers and consumers.

Theft Surveys by Jack L. Hayes International

Conducted by: Jack L. Hayes International (a loss prevention consulting firm)

Number of respondents:Varied

A limited amount of data is available on the linked page, covering retail theft, shoplifting, and related areas.

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