Technology to help you survive the end of the world

If you aren't Raptured, a nice Leatherman and good flashlight might brighten up a dark future


There are plenty of sites filled with tools and advice for survival in abruptly unfriendly conditions – divided into Urban Survival for more cosmopolitan readers, wilderness survival for those with a bucolic bent and one with products to help survive natural disasters, for those who prefer to let the catastrophe come to them.

In case you're a planner, Christian radio host Harold Camping not only predicts that the end of the world will be tomorrow, he says it will be at 6 p.m. local time.

That presumably presents some problems for those organizing the destruction, who can't just destroy the world. They have to kind of paint the destruction in so it can start in one place at 6 p.m. and sweep West around the globe at the speed of the Earth's rotation.

That odd bit of logistics will give most of us some warning of what's about to happen, and give the luckiest of us 23 hours 59 minutes of time essentially free to do whatever we want before the Apocalypse that came to earth just to our West eventually sweeps all the way around to crush us as well.

Starting now should give you a head start; unfortunately, most of the survival sites I mentioned don't have delivery times quick enough to get the perfect Zombie- or Demon-killing shovel or baseball bat or Holy Water SquirtGun to you in time to do you any good. I'm assuming even FedEx will stop delivering once the end of the world actually begins.

Sorry about that.

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