Hacker anti-LulzSec campaign turns into snipey squabble over who is Sabu

Everyone is Sabu. Welcome to Sabu. At Sabu, everything is possible. WELcome to Sabu.


Remember how elegantly ironic it seemed that LulzSec, a notorious group of hackers, had attacked TheSun.co.uk in retaliation wrongful hacking in the case of News of the World's decade-long, blatantly illegal and unethical practice at News of the World of hacking into the voice mail of story subjects to steal personal information?

Especially because of all those times LulzSec scored Lulz on big companies like Sony and a host of really random sites they'd probably cracked for practice, by posting lists of their customers, with personal email and personally identifiable data included?

And how ironic it was that they pissed off other hackers so much the other hackers hacked LulzSec – also as punishment for hacking wrongfully?

They're still at it (both LulzSec, which disbanded but didn't go away, and the LulzSec haters, even after an international sweep by the FBI that raked in a total of 16 people, some of whom may or may not be involved with either LulzSec or Anonymous).

Now most of the Lulz-hating energy seems to be directed at unmasking and punishing one of the chief Lulz, who goes by the tag Sabu.

One of the more effective Lulz-haters – TheJester( th3j35t3r), who has doxed a number of Lulzers, taunted, criticized and exposed their (alleged) means of making a living – is now counterexposing "TheRealSabu," who tweets at @anonymousSabu, as a fake Sabu.

The real Sabu was identified and doxed convincingly in June as a Webmaster in Portugal by WebNinjas -- a group founded specifically to grief the griefers in LulzSec.

TheJester finished what wasn't so much a doxing as a solid wallpapering that included what he said was Sabu's proper name (Hugo Carvalho), server addresses, private phone numbers, domain-name registration logs and possibly (I didn't read down far enough) a printout of Sabu's DNA sequence.

Carvalho energetically denies he's Sabu, to anyone who would listen.

"I'm Hugo Carvalho, and the story behind me and this nick guy Sabu is a complete lie," he said via email to CNET's Elinor Mills.

"Someone stole my photo from one of my Web sites and started to spread the rumor that I was affiliated with this hacking group," the e-mail said. "Feel free to post this e-mail in your Web site and state that there is no relation between me and anyone related to that hacking stuff."

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LulzSec, th3j35t3r

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