Social networking site for Anonymous is hacked, by someone other than Anonymous

Turkish hacker collective counts coup, demonstrates deep nerdship even for geeks


Another serious case of irony poisoning has brought down a major figure in the world of international politics and online security.

A group of (self-)reportedly Turkish hackers cracked the web server and defaced the home page of the social-networking group founded by members of Anonymous a week ago.

AnonPlus – the social network for people who don't want to meet people or give them a name – was taken over July 20 by a group calling itself Akincilar.

During the attack, Akincilar changed the graphics of the AnonPlus home page by replacing the question mark that replaces the head above an empty suit in the AnonPlus logo with the face of a dog, admonished Anonymous for "rising up against the world" and proclaimed loudly and with very leet spelling: "We Are TURKIYE. We Are AKINCILAR."

"This logo suits you more" the Turks tagged. "..How dare you rise against to the World..Do you really think that you are Ottoman Empire?

We thought you before that you cannot challenge with the world and we teach you cannot be social

Now all of you go to your doghouse.."

It also posted a screenshot of the hacked page on a mirror site for posterity. It also listed on a page listing all the group's recent attacks, the techniques used and result at the group's site, which looks more like the member-tournament standings list at a suburban tennis club than the site of an international group of cybercriminals.

In addition to a neat summary of the group's activities, there are links to pages listing "Top Hackers," another offering members the opportunity to "Attack Add/Mass" that allows members to input their own successes, as well as one describing the "Deface Technics" and another with "Deface Reasons."

The successful attack and effects of the irony poisoning soured the mood of some of the Anonymi, though it's impossible to tell which.

On, a site Anonymi use to recruit and volunteer for development projects, the hack and poisoning sparked recriminations and discussion about the Java platform selected to host the network, and the debatable judgment in choosing to launch a social networking site for Anonymous in the first place.

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