Survey shows users more willing to steal data than you thought; especially the Brits

One third to half of users would do "something" with sensitive data, not just release it by accident


Keep in mind that, for centuries England dealt with criminals by sending them out of the country, mainly to America and Australia. So if the British are a lot more criminally inclined when it comes to data security, they are that way after having already skimmed out much of the criminal element of their society and relocated it so its offspring couldn't be skewing these results.

If the Brits hadn't transported their criminals, they'd probably be even worse.

There wouldn't be any unstolen data in the whole country.

There wouldn't even be the same history. The British army never could have gotten all the way across Europe in WWII, for example. They'd have had to stop and steal too often to keep up with the Americans.

Think that theory doesn't hold up from the rest of the questions?

Asked if they would feel comfortable doing "something" unauthorized with corporate data, 48 percent of Brits said yes, compared to 22 percent of Americans and 29 percent of Ozzies.

Asked if they would sell data on the Internet – consciously and purposely, with no question that they were acting illegally and profiting by violating the trust of their employer, mind you, without all the mealy mouthed approximations in the other questions – 5 percent of Americans and 4 percent of Australians muttered "yeah" out of the corner of their mouths while continuing to polish their gats.

The Brits just kept looking prim and sounding Proper even as fully 24 percent – six times the rate of the criminally ancestored Australians – said they would to it.


With tea.

Don't underestimate your users. Incompetence is far more likely a motivator when something goes badly wrong than evil intent.

Just don't forget that, sometimes, there's evil intent, too. And it usually speaks with a British accent.

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