British cybercops may have been duped in arrest of LulzSec leader?

Arrest of LulzSec leader 'Topiary' may be scam to get the real one off the hook


The arrest last night of a 19-year-old man British police described as the hacker known as "Topiary" —leading spokesperson and second-biggest mouth in the attention-whoring, authority-flaunting hactivist group LulzSec – looks as if it might just be another LulzSec hack.

"Topiary" was arrested late yesterday as part of a "pre-planned, intelligence-led operation" on a residential address in the Shetland Islands – an isolated set of islands known primarily for their proximity to North Sea oil fields, one-lane dirt roads and excessive population of sheep.

London's Metropolitan Police made the announcement just before midnight, U.K. time, after "Topiary" had been relocated to Central London for questioning.

Police are also searching a residence in Lincolnshire in the British East Midlands, according to the announcement, but have released no details on that part of the investigation.

Ironically (though perhaps meta-ironically), the last post on Topiary's Twitter account was July 21: "You cannot arrest an idea."

" As long as 'you can't arrest an idea'.... ummm everything should be fine huh?," reads a taunt posted by well-known hacker TheJester (@th3j35t3r ), one of several prominent hackers and groups who worked to expose and bring down members of LulzSec after taking offense at their antics, attitude and ego.

Police spokesmen declined to release the name of the 19-year-old they arrested, or release any information at all about a 17-year-old detained for questioning but not arrested.

They also declined to offer details of the "intelligence" that led to the arrests.

Much of it appears to have come from Jester and a group that calls itself WebNinjas, which formed expressly to take LulzSec down a peg.

LulzSec's web site has been down or static for weeks, many of Topiary's own content was deleted from his Twitter account and the account itself hadn't been updated since July 21.

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YouTube video interview with "Topiary"

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