New hacking tools on tap from Anonymous at this week's Black Hat

New generation of the Low Orbit Ion Canon, a malware maker and an Auto-own Windows kit


“Ultimately, I would love for it to become the de-facto standard for open source viruses…really hoping that people start sending in code improvements so that AnonWare can begin to reach this goal.”

Fat chance, according to a Sophos researcher also quoted in the story, who called it an unimpressive, amateurish ad-hoc C# compiler that doesn't do much of anything for anyone they couldn't do with a different compiler.

Also hitting the streets in time for Black Hat is an "auto-hacking" app called winAUTOPWN that bundles together more than 500 exploits for known security flaws in commercial software, executables to run some of the better exploits, a multi-threaded PortScanner and an exploit-loading framework. (Documentation – PDF).

It's designed to crack a target with as little intervention (or chance of leaving tracks and getting caught) as possible on the part of the hacker.

I'm sure they'll be on display at the booths on the show floor, probably with plenty of schwag to hand out to passers by.

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