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The most famous iOS hacker, and the brains behind the website, has joined Apple as an intern. Known as Comex (real name Nicholas Allegra), the 19 year old announced via Twitter he was taking a position with Apple.

[Hackers gone mild: 6 rebels turned insiders and is more resume builder and prosecution aide than it is]

Details of employment remain unclear, so speculation about the "intern" status bloomed quickly. Not a full time employee? Not well paid? Of course, tech company internships for talented young programmers are often paid, and a way to become the employer of choice when the time comes. Nothing keeps Apple for showering young Comex with big bucks, or just free Apple gear. They can make any deal they want.

Apple fans and jailbreak fans made their feelings known. Sometimes the sentiment is jailbreaking pushes Apple to be better, sometimes the slant is jailbreakers should be put in jail. Join the fun.

Smart for Apple

I suppose Apple will pay him to repeatedly jailbreak IOS 5 so they can fix every hole he discovers. But brilliant kids are born every day and they will find new holes that he never spotted.
jd_in_sb on

this explains why the updates have been coming a little slower in the jailbreaking community. i guess apple has realize the one true way to silence all those jailbreaking geniuses out there.
hewsthat on

and apple just stopped [read: paid] jailbreak from happening on iphone5.
Spikesoldier on

If this guy is so good, and it looks like he is, hire him full time, or at least give him a contractor status with some decent salary. Anyway, I hope he gets paid well.
fleshconsumed on

Apple is buying patents and jailbreakers. No surprise.

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