Microsoft steals spotlight in botnet takedown from Kaspersky, which did the work

Kaspersky Labs turns out to have been the key, though Microsoft was definitely the mouthpiece


It was actually Kaspersky Labs that did all the taking down. Kaspersky actually does security, rather than duct-taping over holes created generations of software ago to make bundling of its products simpler, as did Microsoft.

Microsoft lawyers may have filed the injunctions and smoked the cigars, but Kaspersky lab techs tracked the virus back to its CnC servers, allowed one of its own servers to be infected, then helped shut down the main bank of controllers.

That leaves Kaspersky's server the only point of contact for a botnet with 80-some-thousand Zombies attached to it – and just a few weeks before Halloween.

Kaspersky was also responsible for identifying and helping to catch the two people charged in running the botnet – a rare success in the world of long-distance, proxy-of-a-proxy-of-a-proxy anonymous hacking.

It also provided the technology that made it possible to trace the botnet in the first place.

Shame on you, Microsoft. You need to learn to share the credit, especially when someone else did most of the work.


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Reuters: Screen at FBI cybercrime anti-spam, anti-botnet training academy.

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