Too many people hate Bank of America to point at a suspect who may have hacked it

Bank was not hacked, spokesperson insists; its sites are very reliable. Sometimes


Anonymous has, so far, not said anything about Bank of America, being variously preoccupied with occupying Wall Street, getting arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge and supporting protesters in other countries by doing things like setting up free proxy servers for dissidents in China.

Some branches of Anonymous – at least according to the highly suspect claims of the company involved – are also running a Hong Kong hedge fund focused on short-selling Asian properties, most recently a giant Chinese farming company a report from Anonymous Analytics referred to as "one of the Hong Kong Exchange's largest and longest running frauds."

The farm conglomerate may be a fraud, but somehow I don't see a legitimate branch of Anonymous that is philosophically, if not tactically, sync'ed with Anonymi being arrested in New York going into the sleaziest part of the industry to which much of the rest of the group objects in principal.

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BofA home page, mid-day Eastern time today

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