Verizon Wireless 'business reports' read like invasion of privacy how-to

Track the sites you use? Search? Location? Use patterns? Buy more data from outside? Yep, yep, yep.


But it's OK if Verizon just keeps that in their own databases and only produces reports about it that don't let third parties probe further or get ahold of the profile itself so they can't use it to say for sure it was you searching for directions that place you'd rather people didn't know you went?


" Verizon Wireless may also share location information with other companies in a way that does not personally identify you so that they can produce limited business and marketing reports."

So they make the data itself available to anyone who wants it, even though it will have enough details about you that, if it became necessary, Verizon could use it as directions to do surgery on you remotely without bothering to turn on your webcam.

Nice. Especially at the bottom where it says "we will not sell your personal information to third parties," even though the sentence about giving the data to other companies says pretty clearly that it will.

Neatly contradictory.

It gives you a warm feeling in your heart to know your wireless carrier cares enough to learn that much about you and thinks enough of you to try to make money from it.

That's the attitude toward customers that has given Verizon Wireless – and all the Verizon family of companies – its well-deserved reputation for absolutely not being arrogant, deceptive, manipulative and brazenly exploitive of the customers it claims to treasure.

Thanks for being upfront enough to admit you plan to sell your customers down the river, Verizon. Especially without giving them much opportunity to complain. Wouldn't want to distract you.

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