Facebook admits 1 in 4 chance your account will be compromised this year

Facebook compiles masses of private data in user accounts; 60K of them are hacked or corrupted every day


The Trusted Friends and Apps Password lets users pick three trusted friends who can vouch for them in case they ever forget their password and can't pass any of the tests Facebook supplies to create a new one.

The Apps Password portion of that service offers to generate a secure password for another online service, which Facebook will keep for you so you never have to log in to other services again.

In addition to keeping all your social networking information in one convenient place, Facebook will keep all your other passwords, too.

Very reassuring, no?

Not really. Hacking an ex- or current-partner's Facebook account has become the snooping method of choice among the digital set, replacing the reading of diaries, searching private email, sifting through text messages on unguarded cell phones and what I'm sure are a host of other methods of cyberstalking unknown to those who are not either obsessive, possessive exes or the victims thereof.

Facebook's two-pronged effort to become Top Privacy Risk

An infographic Facebook posted more to show the range and interconnections among its security measures also shows that, of the 1 billion Facebook logins every day, only .06 percent are compromised. Not all of those are cracked by someone else; it also includes some account problems that make Friends disappear, users can't get to their own data and other problems. 600,000 Facebook logins are compromised every 24 hours.

"... or, if you really like to make your mind melt, [that's one account compromised] one every 140 milliseconds. (By comparison, a blink of the eye takes 300-400 milliseconds) ," according to the NakedSecurity blog at security vendor Sophos.

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