Hijackers use knives, guns, tear gas in ops to steal 6K copies CoD:Modern Warfare 3

Outside of Paris, in carefully planned strikes using tear gas, weapons, thieves swipe unreleased game disks.


The thieves were likely after items with good resale value, but fans got into the CoD:MW3 pre-release ops as well.

Some KMarts that received the game early under the condition that it not be sold until midnight tonight, reportedly broke out the disks and sold a few last week.

According to VentureBeat, a warehouse employee in California swiped Disc 2 from a two-disk set of the version for the PC and posted its content online.

On eBay users reportedly paid $1,700 for a copy online last week.

Microsoft has threatened to use facial recognition software in the Xbox 360 to ban users going online with pre-release versions of the game, but backed down.

Activision initially also threatened to ban pre-release users, but later announced those who had gotten their copies legitimately could go ahead and play.

Parish police announced the games stolen there were worth about 400,000 Euros, ($550,000US).

The list price of the game is $59.95.

So far there is no offer of extra experience credits for obtaining the game software through covert ops online or IRL, however. It's probably easier to just wait until tonight and pay for a copy you can download.

Saves damage to your ride and the cost of tear gas, which must be rising along with demand, given how much of it New York and Oakland police seem to be going through as part of their negotiations with Occupy Wall Street demonstrators.

(Sorry, there's no OWS mod for CoD yet, either; It's more a Sims thing, anyway.)

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