Some in Anonymous ready to strike at anything in wake of Wall Street raid

New York, Toronto, other targets may be on menu for revenge


A judge backed him up today, seemingly putting a nail in the coffin of Zucotti Park, if not the Occupation overall.

Potential counterattacks in response to Zucotti Park clearance

However much endurance and reach the overall Occupy movement shows, the end of the Wall-Street sit-in that launched it also set off frustration and anger that had been bubbling under the surface.

Most of the threatened violence is cyber and most is directed against authorities.

On a site called TakeTheSquare, protesters are trying to organize a series of events for Thursday to protest the ouster from Zucotti Park. Organizers and followers suggest plans and recruit members under the hashtag #N17 on Twitter.

They have also posted the plans on Facebook (though if they wanted to make it spread more widely they should post much of the information as Private and Facebook will take care of the rest).

Some of the reaction has been less civilly disobedient.

ABC7News interviewed a guy named "Jake" who goes by the username "Secret Squirrel," calls himself "a hacker, "and has the T-shirt and a year-and-a-half in prison to prove it." He goes by the username "Secret Squirrel" and said he's planning an attack on the FEMA Emergency Alert System to post pro-Occupation messages from Anonymous, of which he claims to be a member. (Am I the only one who has counted three strikes on this guy's credibility already? Actually four or five?).

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