Some in Anonymous ready to strike at anything in wake of Wall Street raid

New York, Toronto, other targets may be on menu for revenge


"Secret Jake" said he's only one of a number of Anonymi planning attacks on various media sites to post Anonymous messages in repetitive loops.

"The potential is that you could hijack all radio and TV stations across the country," Jake told ABC7. "There's no authentication, there's no encryption, there's no passwords, there's nothing that is required to send what would appear to be a valid message. I would then play the tones on my laptop, they get transmitted by the radio, I then play my audio message and then I just pack everything up and walk away." – ABC7News via Computerworld, Nov. 15, 2011

In a 90-second YouTube video (turn your sound down), a group calling itself Anonymous has threatened to attack Toronto's main web sites and bring them down if the city follows through on a threat to drive OccupyToronto out of its tent city next week.

The threats, especially against Toronto (who could hate Toronto?), have garnered a lot of press, but they're not the real story of anger and frustration among hacktivists.

End of one chapter drives frustration if you can't read the next one yet

The real story is the frustration – expressed by some, taunted by others – over the progress or lack of progress from the Wall Street Occupation.

Some accuse leaders among Anonymous of focusing too much on organization and security and not enough on driving the protest movement (although not being arrested makes the leadership of any group more effective).

Others spread the blame to all the groups in the protest movement and urge more disruption and possibly real or digital violence in protests to make more of an impact.

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