Some in Anonymous ready to strike at anything in wake of Wall Street raid

New York, Toronto, other targets may be on menu for revenge


In the U.S. those shifts usually balance each other out. Left one election; right the next. For 30 years the trend has been toward taxes that punish the middle class, regulations that let Wall Street brokers and financiers indulge their tendency to gamble with other people's money, and steadily took away the ability of the sheep who get fleeced in that process to complain that it's getting cold outside in the park and it would be nice if someone would let it make itself a coat without taking it away again.

Give the Anonymi and their allies a week to rest and recover, maybe a month, and the next wave of populism will begin, gaining more support through 2012 as we approach the Presidential elections, which always get consumers thinking Big Thoughts about their futures. Right now, most are coming to the conclusion that someone else already owns their futures and there's not much they can do about it.

Except hit the park. And maybe the Internet. That's where the power lies – to attack in protest, to argue in support, to recruit allies to march in the street with you.

That's what Anonymous proved during OWS, even more effectively than they showed that, no matter how carefully applied, after a few days outdoors, no one can look as slick in a Guy Fawkes mask V for Vendetta's agent of vengeance looked dancing with Natalie Portman.

You just can't keep the wig combed that clean.

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