The painful list of really lousy passwords

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Year end lists are starting to appear, and this one will hurt: the 25 worst passwords of 2011. Number one, yet again, is password.

Some companies demand a mix of alpha an numeric characters, so users get clever and use passw0rd. No hacker will think of that, right? And while 123456 may be a great password for some systems, more secure organizations require eight characters in a password. You know what's coming, don't you? 12345678. And where is ***** on the list?

No wonder Facebook accounts get cracked by the hundreds of thousands each day. And for those trying to break into your significant other's Facebook account to post embarrassing status entries, you now have the 25 most likely passwords. That assumes your significant other isn't smart enough to follow even the most basic password rules.

Good advice

My ex wife used the same easy password for everything, good thing for me though as I caught her having an affair and nailed her in court : )
script on

Three words that would normally not be used together in a sentence (like "cat_vodka_Ferrari") is a strong password as well.
ajd2006 on

I use password at work because i really don't give a damn. For real security I use an acronym from a line in a song lyric.
dwgrift on


I had to choose a password with eight characters so I chose: "Snow White and the 7 Dwarves" :-)
simonward on

Well so much for my password to this site...
Porchpup on

I always liked the password "obvious". That way when people ask what the password is for something I can tell them the password is obvious.

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