WikiLeaks working on new whistle-blowing platform

WikiLeaks also released a study covering companies developing surveillence products

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The Wall Street Journal recently published documents from the same conference, and Assange said that the "heavily redacted" material that the Journal released was only related to that conference. The "overwhelming" amount of material posted Thursday was new, Assange contended.

Assange said WikiLeaks is still developing a next-generation submissions system. He repeated WikiLeaks' concern with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, which enables computers to exchange encrypted information.

Assange said SSL is no longer safe and alleged that intelligence agencies have compromised Certificate Authorities (CAs). CAs issue digital certificates used for SSL. Hundreds of intermediate CAs can issue SSL certificates linked back to a root CA.

Several intermediate CAs have reported breaches in which hackers generated digital certificates for major websites including Google, which would give the hackers the ability to intercept communications.

Assange would not say when WikiLeaks will again have an online submissions system. The organization has developed an "offline component," he said.

"At the moment, we take things in a number of ways," Assange said.

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