Security minefield: 'Bring your own device' will bedevil IT security in 2012

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Meanwhile, the smartphone/tablet and BYOD trend is shaping up as an inescapable security challenge as known malware samples for the new generation of devices are now starting to pile up, especially for Android.

"Today there are over 500 pieces for Android alone," says Patrik Runald, senior manager for security research at Websense. "But next year there will be even more, thousands more." He notes that the Apple iOS platform, because of its design, appears more secure for now at least, but the basic problem of mobile-device management (MDM) -- and the BYOD issue -- has to be addressed. "How are you going to provision these?" Runald asks. "How would you lock down the phone?"

In the Ponemon Institute's recent "State of the Endpoint" study, a survey of 688 information and security managers, 17% said more than 75% of employees in their organizations already use their personal devices in the workplace, and 20% said more than half did. A quarter said they use MDM of some kind today and 45% indicated that would increase in the next 12 months.

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