Pro-SOPA Comcast uses SOPA-incompatible DNSSEC

DNSSEC stops simple hijack of web traffic, but is incompatible with SOPA-required redirects


If you've been following the debate over the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) adored by music companies, broadcasters and hardly anyone else, you'll have noticed bipartisan coalitions in Congress are among the least strange bedfellows – not to mention other odd conditions or changes – on both sides of the bill.

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It's pretty interesting to follow the money trails between companies hoping to make more money if SOPA passes, in fact, and the politicians supporting it.

A group described as the "fathers of the Internet" opposeed SOPA in a letter to Congress, which is good because if they appear to testify, they may be able to explain how both SOPA and the Internet work to supporters in Congress who appear not to understand either one.

Even enthusiastic supporters such as GoDaddy have reversed themselves on SOPA (though apparently more through lip service designed to mollify customers, not a chance of stance significant enough to do anything to counteract all the work they did in support of the bill).

Though the reversal made GoDaddy a refugee from bedfellowship with itself, social-networking news site Reddit appears ready to abandon the web itself, at least for 12 hours, and encourage other major sites to do the same in what Reddit users call an illustration of what the web will be like after SOPA surpresses their favorite content.

All those things may be confusing, inconsistent or self-defeating, but at least they obey the laws of physics.

Not so Comcast's iron-backed support for the restrictions in SOPA despite admissions that incompatibilities with technology to which Comcast has already committed would make Comcast unable to comply with the requirements of SOPA or the equally restrictive PIPA bill, should either pass.

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