Pro-SOPA Comcast uses SOPA-incompatible DNSSEC

DNSSEC stops simple hijack of web traffic, but is incompatible with SOPA-required redirects


As has become typical of SOPA supporters, however, Comcast has decided it doesn't care that its SOPA support will conflict with its DNSSEC.

In the same way, SOPA's sponsors don't seem to care that the problem they're trying to squash is so small compared to bank robbery, cyberespionage, international cyberattacks, identity theft that it looks like a thumb tack amongst railroad spikes.

Thumb tacks and pirates are both colorful, so it might not be hard for SOPA enforcers to find their targets, but they're going to look ridiculous trying to pound it in using those giant sledgehammers, especially if they have to pick their way among all the Internet's actual security problems in order to do it.

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