Anonymous scores big in world-championship lurking, spying contest with FBI

Recording a conference call with Scotland Yard is a coup no matter how you count it


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Anonymous has scored another coup against the FBI in what has become a marathon, high-stakes lurking contest.

This morning Anonymi identifying themselves with the AntiSec movement – a general "f-the-police" project within Anonymous and its affiliated groups – posted the invitation to a conference call Jan. 17 between the FBI and Scotland Yard. "Subject: Anon-Lulz International Coordination."

The group actually released about 15 minutes of audio recordings from the meeting, in which FBI and Scotland Yard investigators discussed details on cases against hackers from Anonymous and random-punk-affiliate Lulz Security.

p>At least part of the conversation was lightly gossipish, including one British investigator who called one 15-year-old confessed hacker "a bit of an idiot" who copycatted LulzSec attacks "to get attention," according to British newspaper The Telegraph.

(The British contingent also discussed one colleague who did not attend the meeting as an "old school detective but mad as a box of frogs" – a defamation I mention only to share the image of insanity personified in a container of frogs.)

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