Study: Movie studios can fix their own box-office losses to piracy without SOPA

Bulk of losses in box-office take is due to delays in showing new flicks overseas


What it does mean is that movie studios – like music producers and software makers – have far more control over the rate at which their product is pirated than they pretend, their losses are much less than they'd like you to believe and they can reduce their losses at the box office at least, by shipping new movies to foreign theaters more quickly.

That's a lot simpler and more constitutionally sound than putting responsibility for enforcement of someone else's copyrights on the heads of web site owners, forum administrators and individual fans – all of whom would be liable for prosecution under the late SOPA and PIPA bills if someone else were to post copyrighted content on servers for which they are responsible.

It also means the movie studios are just as aggressive about twisting reality and begging for reliev as the music business, though so far the RIAA – the music-industry's mouthpiece and enforcement arm – shows far more hypocrisy and dishonesty than the movie business has been caught doing so far.

It also means that, no matter how clear the problem seems to be and how loudly the complainers wail about how badly they're being hurt and how close to death they are, it's not worth rushing draconian new laws into force without considering whether they're needed.

Thetakedown of Megaupload while SOPA and PIPA were still being debated demonstrates existing laws are enough to pursue and stop even copyright violators based in other countries.

This most recent study also shows neither Congress nor the ordinary citizens who would be affected should let any special interest push through draconian new laws to solve a problem the complainers should be able to resolve themselves.

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Reuters/Danny Moloshock

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