JotForm takedown shows anti-SOPA hysteria wasn't alarming enough

Secret Service takes down JotForm, lets it up again, still with no explanation


Especially if no one from the agency would even take the time to say why the store had been shut down, how long it would be padlocked and who was accusing it of wrongdoing?

Most especially if many of the evidence, arguments and justifications pro-SOPA forces present to defend their extra-legal view of the judicial system turn out to be either misrepresentations, or outright fiction?

A number of agents would be looking for civilian work and a number of the accusers would be lawyering up in preparation for civil suits or criminal prosecutions for making false accusations and violating the civil rights of their victims.

Online, even in the wake of a massive wave of protest against both SOPA and the attitudes toward enforcement it sought to encode, the outrage is muted, repercussions are nonexistent and possibility that anyone but JotForm broke the law isn't even discussed.

Another triumph for RIAA and MPAA! The two continue to demonstrate how effective they are at fighting dirty – crushing others into the mud in order to enforce the whims of the powerful even at the cost of violating the most basic rights of the accused.

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