Last chance to tell Google to forget you

New privacy policy consolidates all your activity data at unless you erase it first


Not the one you always clear before leaving your desk and risking having prying co-workers come look at your cache to figure out what the audio-streamed screams coming from your computer earlier in the day were all about.

The history you have to delete is on When you're signed in, Google keeps track of where you're going and what you're looking at, and stores that history on its server files.

Until March 1, you can still delete that data, by following the instructions provided by EFF.

Getting Google to forget you:

First, log in to your Google account.

Then go to

Click the button marked "Delete all history."

Click OK.

That's it. History is a toggle, so once you turn it off it should stay that way until you reactivate it.

It's not a big procedure, or a complex one. It is one chance more than any other online vendor has offered you lately to restrict your private data a little.

But you have to actually take the trouble.

Do it now, before you forget.

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