NASA security is so bad they lost controls to the space station; why is no one fired?

Successful breaches range from one-time hacks to long-term foreign intelligence spy-ins


Poor IT security is one of the things that make both astronauts and the general public unsafe by raising the risk there will be (or someone will cause) a catastrophic accident, or someone who penetrated NASA and sat around for months looking for interesting data to steal uses that data to build systems of its own to outshine or outshoot the Americans in their own area of strength.

Losing the control codes to the ISS is funny and ironic in a slightly painful, shamefaced way.

Losing control of NASA is a crime – one with global implications and no mitigating circumstances.

It's one that has to be fixed immediately by IT and security people other than those responsible for getting NASA into the fix it's already in.

They should be fired and escorted off the property. It will improve NASA's security, and the IT people who are dismissed will be able to get jobs easily, probably as uniformed minions building complex automation systems with self-destruct capability in the caldera of an extinct volcano.

I'm sure the pay is good.

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