Anonymous debuts new technique for attack on PayPal

Attack on financial stability of victim is new to Anonymous, but well proven by other protesters


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Members of Anonymous, which used DDOS attacks to bring down PayPal, MasterCard and other financial-services companies after they stopped allowing payments from supporters to WikiLeaks last year, have launched another attack on PayPal using a weapon not previously deployed by Anonymous.

In the past, calls for Anons and supporters to attack some opponent focused on DDOS -- floods of bogus page requests generated by a custom-designed DDOS tool called the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) or one of several fictional next-generation Internet doomsday weapons.

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Though often successful, these attacks depended on large numbers of Anonymi and supporters, some of whom didn't hide their IP addresses well enough to avoid arrest days, weeks or months later.

In order to deliver the attack but avoid the arrests, a subset of Anons who call themselves #PoisAnoN are calling on followers to attack Paypal using a weapon specifically designed to target the business model and financial stability of its targets.

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