LulzSec is back; Anonymous targets Imperva

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Hacker collective LulzSec, six of whose members were arrested earlier this month, will resume active operation April 1, according to a video posted on YouTube.

"It's ridiculous to believe that by arresting the six prime members of LulzSec that you have stopped us," says the electronically altered voice over. "You haven't stopped us. You have merely disrupted the active faction."

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The video doesn't specify who will be attacked other than that they will be from categories of organizations that it has attacked before: Web sites of governments, corporations and agencies. "As we speak our battle fleet and dormant members are planning some top operations and pranks that will go down in history," the video voiceover says.

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LulzSec claimed a string of attacks during 50 days last spring before disbanding, and some of its members shifted over to the even more amorphous group Anonymous.

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