Hottest IT skill? Cybersecurity

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For example, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a Senate committee in April that cyberattacks are her No.1 concern. She said there is a shortage of cybersecurity experts to help federal agencies thwart cyberattacks, which exceeded 106,000 last year.

Cybersecurity jobs will likely continue increasing as organizations continue to expand their online businesses.

"There's a huge non-profit in New York City, a $700 million organization, that wants to double in size -- all through marketing on the Internet," Hanson says. "They need cybersecurity expertise on the architectural level and the programming level. They're going to certainly encounter new threats as they open up their network to a whole new function."

Additionally, companies are unlikely to outsource or offshore cybersecurity jobs, Frymier says.

"There has to be a braintrust inside the company who understands what information is important for the company to safeguard and who operates in the best interest of the company," Frymier says. "What you can't get from a consulting firm is an ongoing risk management perspective of: What information do I need to protect, who is trying to steal it from me, and what is the risk of a breach."

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