Cell-phone snoopers: Privacy Eliminator turns police Do Want to Shouldn't Have

Civilians would play games and snoop a little; copy snoop wholesale and play games with the Constituttion


What is it with Brits and the compulsion to hack other people's cell phones?

Does no one remember the bullet Rupert Murdoch put through the head of News of the World to keep it from spilling its guts about more than a decade of routine hacking into the voice mails of celebrities, politicians, ordinary people in juicily dangerous situations and 13-year-old girls who had already been kidnapped and murdered and didn't need any more indignities heaped on them by News Corp?

Do they not remember Tuesday, when British cops arrested Rebekah Brooks, the top editorial executive in News Corp.'s British news division for trying to cover up the hacking?

Of course, I reflexively admire people like Daniel Stuckey, who are able to see something expensive, illegal, corrosive to the health of constitutional democracies everywhere and think only of getting one of his own to play with.

OK, so do a lot of other people, especially when the gadget is a cool, covert spy thing.

Usually they don't go through with it, at least if the spy thing is particularly expensive, complicated or sensitive enough to make an amateur spook compulsively interesting in a long-term, covert-surveilling, civil-right-violating way to professional spooks.

Stuckey appears not to have considered the reflex that causes police and covert intelligence organizations to take a permanent, unhealthy interest in anyone trying to get personal copies of tools that make spooks particularly happy.

What he did think was "Do Want," after spotting a a press release about London's Metropolitan Police Service buying several ACESO data-extraction systems from RadioTactics USA.

ACESO is a cell-phone data sucker of the king that allows police departments to collect every bit of data from a suspect's cell phone quickly and easily, even without having to arrest someone first.

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