4 security suites that protect all your devices

McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro and Webroot offer protection for all your devices plus Web-based management.

By Preston Gralla, Computerworld |  Security, McAfee, Symantec

McAfee's Android app offers a malware scanner and a way to locate a lost or stolen device and lock it or wipe its data. These features are considerably better than those provided by Norton One, because they can be done from any Web browser. Simply go into your McAfee Web dashboard, click the Android device that you've lost, and then click what you want to do -- locate the device, lock it remotely, or wipe its data remotely. It also supports backing up contacts and SMS messages to the cloud and restoring them.

However, McAfee is missing other useful features, such as Webroot's app inspector and its ability to check your device for potential security holes. Still, for a basic Android malware protector, McAfee Android does the job.

Bottom line

If you're looking for a suite that protects a wide variety of devices, McAfee All Access is the one for you. In addition, it has some very useful PC protection modules, particularly for home networks, although they're somewhat of a mixed bag.

Like the other suites reviewed here, McAfee won't clog up your system by using too much RAM or system resources. However, if you're looking for a useful Web-based dashboard, or a more complete Android solution, you'd best look elsewhere, notably to Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete.

Norton One

$149.99 OSes protected: Windows, OS X, Android No. of devices protected: Up to five devices for any combination of Windows, OS X and Android systems

Norton One offers several choices, depending on what you want to protect. If you're using a Windows-based PC, you can choose whether you want to install Norton 360 (which offers a full gamut of protection software and system tools) or Norton Internet Security 2012 (which is essentially the same product as Norton 360 except that it doesn't have Norton 360's backup-and-restore and tune-up capabilities). Macs get Norton Internet Security for Mac, while Android devices (both tablets and phones) get Norton Mobile Security. In any case, you also get 25GB of online storage.

Web interface

Norton One: Web interfaceClick to view larger image.

Norton's Web dashboard can't be considered a powerful addition to the security suite. Like McAfee's interface, you can only use it for installing and uninstalling software, and for checking what software is installed on your various devices. Because of this, in my tests I found myself generally using it only for installation; after that point, I rarely returned to it.

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