Barrett Brown, former Anonymous spokesman, arrested in Dallas, in FBI custody

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During a video chat, Barrett Brown was arrested by Dallas County Sheriff's Office and FBI personnel, and turned over to the FBI.

During a chat available now on YouTube, Barrett Brown was arrested on Wednesday just hours after releasing an earlier video allegedly threatening FBI agent Robert Smith. Stating Agent Smith was harassing his mother, Brown said, “Robert Smith's life is over,” and later, “I'm not saying I'm going to kill him, but I am going to ruin his life and look into his f***ing kids.”

Barrett's home had been raided in March and his laptop confiscated. Initially placed in the Dallas County Jail, Barrett was picked up by the FBI Thursday morning and taken to an undisclosed location. A law firm that had worked with Barrett in the past is looking for a local lawyer to get involved.

Is this legal?

Gestapo anyone? I would defend my mother if she was threatened. She is my mother. That is not a crime.
Calvin Garlick on

radical personalities are not necessarily criminals .. wonder what the charges will be, if any at all, or is it just ego in action.
gregorylent on

Lock'em up

Sorry, no sympathy here. "Anonymous" loves to attack people they disagree with, "SWAT" them, DDoS them, break things, steal things, etc. Associate with people like that, and the cops are going to come through your door one day.
jnojr on

I don't care what you think someone has done to you; threatening children is beyond the pale.
elmo on

Unbelievable. This assclown needs the library thrown at him. Stalking someone's family is unacceptable. Period, full stop.
Christian Dem in NC on

Threatening someone is not covered by the First Amendment. Never has been, never will be. Saying you will "shoot and kill" someone isn't protected speech, nor should it be.
sarahsue14 on

Barrett Brown

He seemed legit at first, but it became clear pretty quickly that he thinks a lot of himself, and seems to suffer from delusions.
yahoo-3AF5SCWG6Y5SYOR472VTEJ52QM on

In all probability, the FBI did harass his mother. They are known for being very craven about that sort of thing. I don't condone threats, but that doesn't make the FBI any less sheisty.
French Toast on

He will probably be treated very harshly by law enforcement. It will be doubly hard for him because he will be coping with drug withdrawal at the same time.
peacestpete on

Brown has admitted heroin addiction in the past. Many believe making YouTube videos threatening FBI agents happens only under the influence.

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