Forecast 2013: Setting a mobile risk management strategy

By Bob Violino, Computerworld |  Mobile & Wireless, risk management

The bank will also conduct annual refresher training on the minimum requirements for device security and regulatory compliance for employees with devices that access corporate email. In addition, it will provide ongoing education on social engineering techniques, malware avoidance and acceptable use.

Organizations in the coming year will be looking for more management tools to help ensure document security and network security without infringing on employees' privacy or asking them to change their normal patterns of using devices, says Vishal Jain, a mobile services analyst at 451 Research.

"We think mobile security, app management, intelligence and threat detection will be in demand," Jain says.

The risks associated with mobility will only increase as more people bring their own devices to work and threats become more sophisticated. "The biggest threat that enterprises face is the loss or theft of devices containing enterprise data," he says.

It's vital to have a formal mobile risk strategy and include that as a part of information security guidelines, says Jain, noting that "employees are already bringing devices to [the] workplace," essentially creating "unmanaged BYOD programs."

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