The Weekly Hash - December 7, 2012

A silly review of recent tech stories, this week featuring the Gambino crime family, Yoko Ono and the pope


New study finds people like engaging in social media in the bathroom. Not everyone approves.

ITworld/Phil Johnson

It was another wacky week in the tech world, what with the pope joining Twitter, John McAfee sneaking into Guatemala and a spider that lived for 100 days in space dying after only four days in the Smithsonian. To be fair, though, the lines there can be killer.

Here’s a taste of this week's tech wackiness...

The Vatican announced on Monday that Pope Benedict XVI is going to begin tweeting. That’s all we need, one more person pontificating on Twitter.

Zynga this week applied for a gambling license in Nevada - which explains why the Gambinos have moved into FarmVille.

A large number of Tumblr accounts were hacked on Monday. In response, FEMA offered affected users temporary blogs to use for posting animated GIFs of celebrities.

McAfee founder John McAfee was rushed to a Guatemalan hospital on Thursday after suffering from convulsions. On the way to the hospital he diagnosed himself with a virus.

On Wednesday Microsoft opened registration for Socl, their new social network. Previously, it had only been open to Microsoft employees but now the general public can ignore it.

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