With blue-chip backing, joint venture firm looks to embed crypto technology in mobile devices, electronic payments

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Geater noted that Samsung has already adopted Trustonic technology in its latest Google Android Galaxy S III and Note II mobile devices. However, he acknowledged that mobile-device giant Apple is not a Trustonic backer at present.

MasterCard also announced support for Trustonic, with James Anderson, group head and senior vice president of mobile product development, saying MasterCard is "keen to explore the potential for Trustonic's technology and services" for use in mass-market payments.

Other expressing enthusiasm for Trustonic included Sprint, as well as several security firms, including Wave Systems, Inside Secure and Discretix, plus 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Trustonic, based in London, has about 100 employees in countries that also include France, Germany and Finland. Though its roots are in Europe, Geater emphasized that Trustonic's goal is to have its technology used globally.

Trustonic is headed up by CEO Ben Cade, a former executive of ARM Ltd., and Chris Jones, chief operations officer and previously vice president licensing, processor division for ARM. Stephan Spitz, Trustonic's executive vice president of engineering, has joined from G&D.

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