Security in 2013: The rise of mobile malware and fall of hacktivism

McAfee makes some predictions about what to expect and trends to watch for security in 2013.

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On the other side of the coin, McAfee suggests that Anonymous will fade away in the next year. McAfee doesn't expect hacktivism itself--or even Anonymous--to disappear completely, but some of the more malicious attacks attributed to hacktivist groups have fallen short of the "Robin Hood" aura that initially made Anonymous popular. Potential victims have also learned more about hacktivist tactics and are more prepared to defend against such attacks.

These aren't the only trends in security for 2013, though. McAfee says the trend of cyber attacks as a political or military tool will become more sophisticated, and suspicions of state-sponsored cyber attacks will continue to grow, and warns that crimeware and hacking-as-a-service business models will become more mature.

For more about what to expect in 2013 according to McAfee, check out the 2013 Threat Predictions report from McAfee Labs.

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