Oracle releases Java fix, but security concerns remain

Oracle has released Java 7 update 11, which addresses a Zero Day flaw that enables intruders to install malware on vulnerable systems.

By Ian Paul, PC World |  Security, java, Oracle

You can download the latest Java update from Oracle's Website.  If you'd like to follow CERT's advice and disable Java, Oracle has a step-by-step instruction guide for Windows users. If you need Java and can't turn it off, check out Computerworld's tutorial on how to be as safe as possible with Java.

How to disable Java

If you'd like to disable Java just in a specific browser, here's how to do it:

Chrome: type Chrome://plugins into the address bar and hit enter. Look for the Java plugin and click the "Disable" link.

Firefox: click on the orange Firefox button on the left and select "Add-ons." Then in the page that opens select "Plugins" from the left-hand side. Look for the Java platform plugin and click the disable button.

Internet Explorer: you cannot disable Java for Internet Explorer the same way you can for Chrome and Firefox. Instead, follow Oracle's step-by-step instruction guide to disable Java system-wide.

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