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And big data is envisioned as big indeed. "Now, with recent advancements in computing power, storage systems, database management and analytics frameworks, no data set is too big or too fast. Information such as full packet capture, external threat intelligence feeds, website clickstreams, Microsoft outlook calendars and social-media activity can be used for security-related analysis."

RSA suggests companies should be anticipating the big data push into security by considering what would be involved to set up a centralized warehouse "where all security-related data is made available for security analysts to query, either as a unified repository or, more likely, as a cross-indexed series of data stores."

Big data is going to be about "events in your environment" and there's a need for more than the type of security data, such as what firewalls or other types of security gear provide, says Curry. "It goes beyond security data to travel systems or or CRM [customer-relationship management] and other application data," he says. Curry notes that the HR systems may be able to supply information about an employee that would help determine if someone is trying to exploit a person's identity.

According to Curry, the intent in all this is to evolve beyond what is now known as SIEM, where products are designed to aggregate and analyze large amounts of security feeds.

"SIEM is just repositories, mass repositories that are often architected for compliance," Curry says. Big data for security can potentially do better in detecting stealthy attackers and their "dwell time" inside enterprise networks as they find their way to the most critical data sources and plan how to extricate it, he says. The "hunt time" for this type of attack is generally failing today but "we think it takes advanced data techniques to wins this," Curry says.

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