Key recommendations for SDN IT buyers

By Lee Doyle, Network World |  Networking, SDN, Software-Defined Networking

9. Security. Improved network security is a critical potential benefit of SDN. Does the SDN offering under consideration improve security or does it create additional security challenges (or both)?

10. Standards support. Does the SDN offer support a wide range of industry standards, for both networking (e.g., OpenFlow) and IT (e.g., a range of server virtualization products)?


11. Layer 4-7 support. Your new SDN architecture should leverage networking capabilities at Layer 4-7, including server load balancing and WAN optimization products.

12. Application ecosystem. SDN is about creating an open environment for new applications that leverage SDN technologies. Ability to leverage a broad application ecosystem of management, security and Layer 4-7 applications will be essential to the long-term success of your SDN deployment. 

Lee Doyle is principal analyst at Doyle Research. Doyle Research provides targeted analysis on the Evolution of Intelligent Networks: SDN, OPEX and COTS. Lee Doyle has over 28 years experience analyzing the IT, network and telecom markets. For more information please see, email me at, and follow me on Twitter @leedoyle_dc.

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