Kaspersky launches all-in-one security tool for SMBs

Kaspersky aims for its new product to consolidate and simplify computer security for small businesses.

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Companies have to manage security across a wide range of issues and threats. Operating systems and applications have to be patched and updated. Active monitoring needs to be in place to identify and block malware threats. Data needs to be protected to prevent exposure or compromise. Mobile devices and the  BYOD (bring your own device) trend represent a new frontier of concerns.

Kaspersky intends to simplify the process for all of the above issues. Its new Endpoint Security for Business merges all of these functions into one product so that small and midsize business IT managers can see and control every aspect of security from one console.

Kaspersky Lab has been at the forefront of research into sophisticated cyber espionage attacks like Flame, Gauss, and Red October--insidious attacks that have compromised and exploited targets for years. The Moscow-based antimalware and computer security company unveiled the new Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business at an analyst event last week in New York.

Part of the problem, particularly for SMBs, is that there are too many moving parts involved. "Complexity is the enemy of security," said chief product officer Petr Merkulov.

He pointed out that there are solutions for a number of security problems, but each one requires a different platform and management console. That's too many balls to juggle--especially for busy IT managers in small and midsize businesses.

By merging system management, patch management, antimalware, mobile device management, data protection, and other security tools into a single product, Kaspersky promises to enable IT managers to protect all systems and endpoints--from a PC in the next cubicle, to a virtual machine in the next building, to a smartphone in the next country--through one console.

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