Kaspersky apologizes for antivirus update that continues to disrupt customer nets

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The IT consultant said he feels frustrated at the lack of information from Kaspersky during this fiasco. He says Kaspersky has been saying about the patches that "'this will fix the problem,' then quickly amended it to 'do not install unless you have a serious problem, patch is not fully tested,' after new problems surface. The truth is that nothing from patch B onward was tested very thoroughly or well by Kaspersky."

Enterprise customers that have spent several thousand dollars on licensing fees are in a jam, and it's "very difficult to explain to one's superior that the product you recommended no longer works, and was broken by the vendor. As users have pointed out, the behavior of the broken product is very much like a virus," he points out.

Kaspersky last night said it wanted to "apologize for any inconvenience caused" and "actions have been taken to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future."

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