The Weekly Hash - March 8, 2013

Spanning the globe to joke about this week’s top tech stories, from North Korea to New Zealand with a quick stop on Mars


On Mars this week, NASA had to switch the Curiosity rover to a backup computer after the main computer suffered a hardware failure. NASA suspects that the cause of the hardware problem was either radiation or sabotage by the Opportunity rover.

Google announced this week that they will map the Japanese town of Namie, that was abandoned in 2011 after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Google says if that goes well, the next abandoned community they’ll map is MySpace.

A New Zealand court ruled on Thursday that Kim Dotcom could sue New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau for illegally spying on him. He says he’ll seek millions of dollars in damages and free cheeseburgers.

The European Union announced this week that it had fined Microsoft $731 million for not including a browser choice page in its upgrade to Windows 7 in 2011. Microsoft said they won’t appeal, but they will probably still bitch about it privately.

This week Best Buy ended their telecommuting program. They said they would no longer match other companies’ telecommuting offers.

Have a swell weekend and don’t forget to the turn your clocks ahead - that is if anybody still has a clock that needs to be set manually.

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