The processes and tools behind a true APT campaign: Reconnaissance

Reconnaissance marks the first step in the APT campaign, where attackers identify their targets and how to attack them

By Steve Ragan, CSO |  Security, Advanced Persistent Threats, insider

In part one of a series on understanding the processes and tools behind an APT-based incident, CSO examines the reconnaissance aspect of an attacker's campaign. This is the first step of many, and often helps the attacker identify who to attack and how.

Personal Information: People are your weakest link

All too often, the information that harms an organization or person the most is something that wasn't viewed as important enough to protect to begin with. This can be anything from telephone or email directory listings, metadata within a document passed around online, to an executive's full name and corporate biography.

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This article is part of a series about APT campaigns. The topics covered in this series are:
Weaponization and Delivery
Exploitation and Installation
Command and Control, and

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