The processes and tools behind a true APT campaign: Weaponization and delivery

In this stage of the APT campaign, attackers design a malicious payload and choose the most effective method for delivering it to its intended target

By Steve Ragan, CSO |  Security, Advanced Persistent Threats, insider

In part two of a series on understanding the processes and tools behind an APT-based incident, CSO examines the weaponization and delivery aspect of an attacker's campaign. This is where the serious work begins, and marks the first hurdle an attacker needs to overcome.

As mentioned earlier in the series, it's important to remember that the difference between a targeted APT-based incident and a garden variety cyberattack is intent, or the overall objectives of the person(s) behind it, but not the tools, tactics, or procedures used.

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This article is part of a series about APT campaigns. The topics covered in this series are:
Weaponization and Delivery
Exploitation and Installation
Command and Control, and

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