When it comes to Heartbleed, you can’t be too careful [CARTOON]

Sure, you’ve changed a bunch of passwords, but are you doing all you can to protect yourself?


A cartoon of a couple sitting in bed, each wearing goofy fake nose, glasses and mustahces. The woman says, 'I know this Heartbleed bug is serious, but this seems overly-cautious.'

Can you really be too careful?

Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson

Well, this was another week in which I seemed to spend too much time reading about Heartbleed and trying to figure out what passwords I needed to change. Just to be extra safe, I’ve also changed the locks on my house as well as my regular order at Starbucks and am considering other safety precautions. Nothing’s off the table. I figure better safe than sorry, right?

Have a great, secure weekend!

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