Fake Greeting Card Emails Resurface

By AllSpammedUp.com Security, anti-spam, email

Over the last few months I’ve noticed a resurgence of e-card spam scam from our unfriendly neighborhood spammers.
According to security expert Bill Mullins, in the last year, email inboxes have being swamped with similar scamming emails from fraudulent sites like Greetings.com, and 2000Greetings.com, amongst others.

This time around, the domain name being used by these scammers is Greetingcard.org, which is a legitimate site of The Greeting Card Association, a greeting card industry trade association. This organization makes no bones about it when it says on its website, “We do not publish cards, nor do we have an e-card pick up. If you receive an e-card notification from our association, it is fraudulent and should be deleted”.
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