Verizon service steps up analysis of security risks

By Ellen Messmer, Network World |  Security, managed services, Verizon

Verizon Business is boosting the vulnerability-scanning and risk-correlation capabilities in its managed security services lineup. The risk correlation functions of Verizon's managed security services until now were generally limited to defining an incident as a high or low risk, according to Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, Verizon Business director of product management. Now, however, Verizon is boosting its risk-correlation analysis through use of security-event management (SEM) so it can provide a deeper level of detail about the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in specific customer computer equipment.

"This involves categorization of the data," Nguyen-Duy says, noting that the enhanced Verizon vulnerability-scanning and risk-correlation service will be able to process data from customer intrusion-detection and -prevention systems, firewalls, or other security gear where event data could be picked up by Verizon's SEM engine.

The enhanced service, which begins this month, is offered at no additional cost to Verizon customers now using its risk-correlation managed security services. Verizon's managed security services include one-time fees that start at US$1,000, plus recurring fees that start at $1,200 per month, based on number of monitored devices.

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