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  • Security briefs: Debian warns of vulnerability

    Posted June 5, 2006 - 10:25 am

    Debian warns of several vulnerabilities that have been discovered in MySQL, a popular SQL database.
  • Laptop theft compromises customer data

    Posted June 5, 2006 - 9:21 am LP is warning nearly a quarter of a million customers that they may have had their credit card numbers stolen, following the theft of an unencrypted laptop belonging to the travel Web site's auditor, Ernst & Young GIobal Ltd.
  • Firefox update fixes 12 security bugs

    Posted June 2, 2006 - 4:08 pm

    The Mozilla Corp. has released updates to its Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client that fix a number of critical security flaws in the open-source products.
  • Catch me if you can - the spam battle

    Posted June 2, 2006 - 3:59 pm

    Spam has climbed back up the priority list for IT managers. But this isn't 2002 when spam first began clogging inboxes. Today, IT managers are cynical about product offerings and the vendors providing the so-called solutions.
  • Study: Companies should do more to protect employees' personal information

    Posted June 2, 2006 - 11:48 am

    More than half, 54 percent, of the 945 workers surveyed by the Ponemon Institute LLC are either unsure or disagree that their employers are committed to protecting their personal data, according to a new study.
  • Kasten Chase goes belly up

    Posted June 2, 2006 - 11:46 am

    Kasten Chase, a 30-year-old data security company that had been making efforts to transition from modem security to storage security has filed for bankruptcy and is shutting down after reporting a 1.1 million net loss for the first quarter.
  • Loan company reports loss of data on 1.3 million

    Posted June 2, 2006 - 11:46 am

    Texas Guaranteed Student Loan, which provides educational loans, has acknowldged that an IT contractor it hired to create a content management system lost computer hardware storing the Social Security numbers of about 1.3 million customers.
  • Crashing the wiretapper's ball

    Posted June 2, 2006 - 11:44 am

    Employing his own secret surveillance techniques, a reporter hangs out in the hotel bar where the annual ISS World Conference, a trade show promoting the latest surveillance and intercept technologies for the military and governement agencies, and gets the low-down on the latest in wiretappping-friendly communications hardware.
  • Encryption software may halt wire tapping

    Posted June 2, 2006 - 11:43 am

    The creator of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) email encryption software has released new encryption software, dubbed Zfone, that protects VoIP phone calls from eavesdroppers. He discusses the new software -- and the political ramifications -- in this Q&A.
  • Phishing scam aimed at

    Posted June 2, 2006 - 10:41 am

    A "phishing" site that harvested the login and credentials of users was removed as of Friday from a California server, a security vendor reported.
  • Security a major feature of Exchange Server 2007

    Posted June 2, 2006 - 10:10 am

    Microsoft Corp. will add new built-in protection features to the next version of its Exchange messaging server in an effort to provide a more secure user environment for business customers, the head of Microsoft's Exchange division said Thursday.
  • You'll sneeze if your suppliers get the flu

    Posted June 2, 2006 - 9:40 am

    A simulation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of an avian flu outbreak in China underscores the need for companies to consider possible supply chain disruptions as part of their plans for handling emergencies.
  • Microsoft flaw affects XP, Server 2003

    Posted June 2, 2006 - 9:30 am

    A new flaw found in Microsoft Corp.'s software could be exploited to cause a denial-of-service attack on certain applications, although the bug isn't viewed as being severe.
  • F-Secure patches Web console bug

    Posted June 1, 2006 - 4:49 pm

    F-Secure Corp. has patched a vulnerability that could possibly be used to run unauthorized code on its e-mail and Internet gateway server software.
  • Apple and Red Hat face up to flaws

    Posted June 1, 2006 - 11:12 am

    Red Hat and Apple have warned users of serious security flaws, including bugs in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 kernel and Apple's WebObjects Xcode plug-in.
  • Security Strategies for Dynamic Organizations

    Posted May 31, 2006 - 4:51 pm

    The largest challenge faced by many security teams is the seemingly ever-changing environments in their organizations. Projects, initiatives and lines of business emerge today as the top priority only to be replaced tomorrow with the next set of shifting demands. One team I know explains their frustration as attempting to "herd cats" as they respond and adapt to the ever-changing focal points of their lines of business. This is not likely to change. Given today's business environment and the way most organizations work to focus on possible new streams of income, the dynamic nature is more likely to increase than decrease. So, it is probably something we will have to get used to.
  • Symantec sees identity as key to 'Security 2.0'

    Posted May 31, 2006 - 4:39 pm

    With a new generation of consumer security products expected to ship by year's end, Symantec Corp. wants to build a line of security services that better leverage its 50 million worldwide users, a company executive said Wednesday.
  • Identity is dead. Get over it.

    Posted May 31, 2006 - 12:13 am

    Some years ago, Scott McNealy quipped that electronic privacy is dead and that we need to get over it.[1] Like many good one-liners, the assertion is an over-simplification but has enough piercing truth to it, to get heads nodding. It is of course, possible to make things private for any given definition of 'private' and any given definition of 'things'. Sweeping generalizations are easily tripped over with specifics. Now, rather than dive down a rabbit hole trying to define terms like 'privacy', I would like to take a different tack.

  • Officials downplay E.U. data privacy concerns

    Posted May 30, 2006 - 2:18 pm

    The European Commission and United States government officials played down fears that flights from Europe to the U.S. might be disrupted at the end of September, when an agreement on sharing passengers' private data will expire.
  • Proof-of-concept virus detected for StarOffice

    Posted May 30, 2006 - 1:12 pm

    The first virus affecting StarOffice was detected Tuesday, but so far it isn't being used to infect computers.
  • IT Security in for some changes

    Posted May 30, 2006 - 10:24 am

    The security market is undergoing significant changes. More complicated and sinister threats call for a new set of security solutions, and today's security infrastructure must move away from single-point solutions to a more integrated approach.
  • E.U. wrong to allow passenger data release

    Posted May 30, 2006 - 7:39 am

    A European Union decision taken two years ago to share personal information about passengers flying from the E.U. to the U.S. with American authorities was illegal, the European Court of Justice ruled Tuesday.
  • Password-stealing Trojan arrives in German spam

    Posted May 29, 2006 - 10:46 am

    A fresh round of spam with a password-stealing Trojan horse detected on Sunday uses a German-language pitch, saying the malicious attachment is an official Microsoft Corp. Windows update.
  • PostgreSQL fix could break applications

    Posted May 26, 2006 - 10:27 am

    PostgreSQL users have been put in a potentially sticky situation by a serious security flaw made public this week.
  • Verizon, NSA case puts companies on notice

    Posted May 25, 2006 - 3:19 pm

    A shadowy 'three letter' U.S. government agency calls your company and asks for copies of your private customer data ... the kind you don't share with outsiders and can get sued for losing. The agency says it needs the data to track terrorists, but won't get too specific about how. What are your choices?
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